Reflexology - for balancing mind & body for your health & wellbeing.

Reflexology an ancient system of complementary medicine, thought to be first practiced in Egypt, is a specific pressure massage to "reflex" points on the feet (or hands). The body is thought to map onto these reflex points & your reflexologist works each reflex separately seeking to balance energetic imbalances that can make us feel unwell, out of sorts, stressed or even present with a specific health issue. It is a wonderful way to manage your own health & wellbeing.
WHAT TO EXPECT: After an initial health consultation you will sit back in a comfortable reclining chair. The specific pressure massage itself is really relaxing, some clients like to talk, some fall asleep - the choice is yours. Clients report increased feelings of relaxation during & directly after the treatment but also ongoing too. This can help them to manage daily stress & tension. Jo has seen a wide variety of conditions such as IBS, migraines, headaches, hormonal imbalances, neck & back ache, insomnia, PMT, menopause & more helped with reflexology.
APPOINTMENTS:  Are offered each Wednesday from 11:00am onwards in the Porthmeor Studios & throughout the week at Jo's home clinic www.gardenretreatstives.co.uk  BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL. 07714 095999; stivesyoga@gmail.com
Jo comes with 15 years of training & experience in reflexology. Since qualifying in 2003 (AOR approved, MAR) she has added to her knowledge by running a clinic in the Cotswolds and undertaken further training: Maternity Reflexology, Hot Stones Reflexology, Five Elements Chinese Medicine & 200 hour Yoga teacher training diploma.